Summary of Candidates & Issues - Victoria Municipal Election - October 20, 2018

On election day Victoria residents will be voting for:

1 Mayor

8 City Councillors

9 School Trustees

There is a dearth of comprehensive and accessible information re candidates and issues.

“Here's a (pretty) objective summary of the candidates and issues.”


“This website was haphazardly created by unaffiliated Victoria resident, Danielle Leduc McQueen. 

‘All information was compiled and collected in my spare time from candidate websites, newspaper articles, and LinkedIn profiles. I’ve tried to reference sources where relevant and keep a neutral stance, but this website was necessarily informed by my perspectives - I’m a millennial renter and new mom. I’m also a believer in the importance of democracy, and think government should be informed, policy-driven, and inclusive. 

I created this site to hopefully encourage more people (especially young people) to get interested in municipal politics, get informed, and get voting.

I hope to continue to edit and update candidate summaries as the election approaches and more information becomes available.’” 

All Candidates Meetings --- Mayor - Sunday, September 30 @ 6:30 pm - & - Councillors - Sunday October 14 @ 6:30 pm - Fairfield Gonzales Community Association

The Fairfield Gonzales Community Association is hosting two all candidates meetings pertaining to the upcoming municipal election. More info on the election and candidates here

Mayor ~ all candidates meeting

Sunday, September 30th @ 6:30pm

Location TBD – it will be either in our Garry Oak Room or the Sir James Douglas school gym.

Councillors ~ all candidates meeting

Sunday, October 14th @ 6:30pm

Location TBD – it will be either in our Garry Oak Room or the Sir James Douglas school gym.

Fairfield Gonzales Community Place

1330 Fairfield Road 
Victoria, BC, Canada, V8S 5J1
(near Moss St, beside Sir James Douglas School)

Tel: 250-382-4604
Fax: 250-382-4613

People for a One Planet Region: Town Hall Meeting Tuesday September 18, 7:30p.m. — University of Victoria, Hickman Auditorium

All welcome for this free event! 

Please join, share & invite others to the Facebook event

Join us for the launch of the Common Vision, Common Action Solutions Statement and a public discussion on how citizens can mobilize and organize to advance social and ecological justice at the local government level.

What role can citizens take to speak out for the planet and the health of the population, to oppose unsustainable plans, and to propose sustainable and healthy alternatives when local governments consider land use proposals, Official Community Plans and neighbourhood plans, and operational policies on housing, transportation, parks, culture and other issues?

Sponsored by: UVic Social Justice Studies Program, UVic Social Environmental Alliance Club, Creatively United for the Planet, Common Vision Common Action, Conversations for a One Planet Region, Social Environmental Alliance - SEA


Cloverdale-Langley City MP Backs Petition For Heritage Funding - John Aldag Hopes The Petition Will Bring More Support To Heritage Initiatives In Canada

article by GRACE KENNEDY

Aug. 9, 2018 12:20 p.m.


“Cloverdale-Langley City MP John Aldag is heading up a new petition with the hope that it could help increase federal support for heritage initiatives.

“I think there’s both monetary and non-monetary things that the federal government can do related to heritage conservation,” Aldag said. “I think that we have not really met those expectations.

“There’s an opportunity there and that’s what I’m trying to advance … through this petition.”

Earlier this year, Aldag was asked to sponsor the petition by the National Trust for Canada, a national non-profit that advocates for heritage across the country. Accepting was hardly a question.

“I’m a strong supporter of the preservation of our built heritage,” Aldag said. “It helps us understand where we’ve come from as a country and as Canadians.

“I see that in many places we’re losing that heritage,” he continued. “I think that’s a tragedy.”

The petition, which went live on July 11, calls on the federal government to create a multi-million dollar heritage fund in the 2019 budget, as well as to provide federal leadership for historic places.

The petition doesn’t call for the fund to be distributed to particular places, so long as the money goes to support Indigenous and charitable ventures to save and renew historic places, or encourage private investment and philanthropy in heritage sites.

There are some funds that would be ready to receive this kind of money if it was part of the 2019 budget, including Parks Canada’s cost-sharing program. This fund often has more applications than it can fund; for the first two years that the Liberal government was in power, the budget was increased to $10 million each year. It has now gone back down to $1 million, the same amount the fund had before the Liberal election.

“It’s better than nothing, but frankly, from my perspective, it’s unacceptable for the federal government to be giving that low of level of investment,” Aldag said. “That’s why I’m very supportive of the National Trust trying to get additional funds for heritage.”

The petition’s proposed fund could also go to support as-yet un-created programs to promote reconciliation initiatives around residential schools or private sector investment in urban heritage buildings.

As of Aug. 9, the petition has more than 1,100 signatures, which Aldag believes is above the threshold needed to get a tabled response in the House of Commons (which means the government will respond to the request in the petition) this fall.

“Hopefully that will trigger investment in the 2019 budget, and perhaps inform my party’s platform going into the next election, as well as perhaps other parties,” he said.

The petition is available online at under Petition E-1778 (National Historic Sites). The petition will remain available for signing until Nov. 8 at 9:31 a.m."

Save BC Hydro Lands - "Kings Park" - Block Party Potluck

Save Kings Park Block Party Potluck - event on Facebook


When: Sunday, September 16th 10am-2pm
Short speeches at 12pm noon
What: Block Potluck Party & Park Rally
How: Please bring a food dish to share, a cup, plate &
cutlery for each person attending.
Where: Kings Road, between Dean and Richmond

Hope to see you all on Sunday, September 16th!

-Your Kings Road Neighbours

Facebook Page - Save Kings Park - The BC Hydro Green Space on Bowker Creek


Development Proposal Meeting - 1906/1912 Duchess Street - South Jubilee - (you're invited)


A new 5-storey, 32-unit rental building development, with underground parking (29 stalls), is being proposed for 1906/1912 Duchess Street.  The proposal is for one house to be relocated and one house deconstructed.  The development will require re-zoning from R3-2 to new zone.  


The applicant is Cary Hayashi (0887898 BC Ltd.). Tony James of KPL Architecture Inc. will present the (proposed) design.


Victoria College Of Art (1625 Bank Street)


7:00 p.m., September 25, 2018

Please come out to look at and comment on the proposal.  The meeting will be facilitated by The South Jubilee Land Use Development Committee.

Note:  North Jubilee residents are invited to attend too.  (The proposed development is at the corner of Duchess & Fort.) 

Densification In Victoria - (via Gonzales Neighbourhood Association)

Read the following articles here.

What Does "Urban Village" Mean?

How the City of Victoria is "Reimagining" Your Neighbourhood and what the impact will be on you.

Two Sorts of Truth

Have developers been running circles around our Mayor and council?

What the Proposed Gonzales Neighbourhood Plan Means to You

The "Vancouverization" of Gonzales/Fairfield

A Housing Fiasco of Council's Own Doing

Mile Zero Mirror: Reflections on Victoria, BC Challeges, Changes & Choices

The Myth of Supply

Globe and Mail: Academic Takes on Vancouver's Housing Supply Myth

Time Colonist Quotes Councillor Chris Coleman on Density in Gonzales

Read the above articles here.


Tree Removals in North Jubilee - Summer 2018 - City of Victoria, Parks Dept.

There are 4 trees in North Jubilee Neighbourhood that have been identified for removal. The specific trees, their conditions and their locations are as follows:

Address:            Species:                        Diameter:       Condition:

1930 Fern St -  Laburnum x watereri  -  55cm DBH -  Large decay columns in  the trunk.

1830 Fern St  - Acer macrophyllum  - 89cm DBH  - Significant internal decay at the base of the tree and throughout the trunk.  

2311 Lee Ave - Acer rubrum - 34cm DBH - Severe canopy decline and an overall loss in vigor.  

2611 Shelbourne St - Quercus garryana - 112cm DBH - Decay throughout the trunk  and buttress roots with an overall loss in vigor.

These tree removals will take place between July 19th and August 31st.  New trees will be selected and plantings will begin in the fall of 2019.

Read more here.

Victoria's Densification Push Is Unfair - Michael Bloomfield - Island Voices - Times Colonist

"Victoria’s aggressive densification plan is unnecessary and unfair, causing people to ask: “Is accelerated densification being pursued for the right reasons, in appropriate locations, following an honest public process that puts people who live here first?”

"In Fairfield-Gonzales alone, at least 10 groups have arisen from these concerns, people willing to consider sensible proposals, but fed up with what they have experienced as an unfair process. This phenomenon is happening across the city."

"Unfairness has occurred in numerous ways:

• A questionnaire asks leading and misleading questions.

• Meetings are poorly publicized and held at inconvenient times, such as during summer.

• Anyone from anywhere is allowed to participate, diluting input from people living here.

• City consultations have been far more sales job than sincere collaboration.

• Developers are involved in what should be public decision-making.

• Community associations and land-use committees are used to promote approval."

Read the full article here.

Rental Housing Task Force - Upcoming Public Session In Victoria - June 26, 2018

Date: Tuesday June 26
Location: Ambrosia Centre
638 Fisgard Street

"The purpose of the Rental Housing Task Force is to lead a review to modernize and balance provincial tenancy laws and policies to provide safe, secure and affordable rental housing.  The focus will be on both renters and rental housing providers. The public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on a range of issues of importance to them.

The Rental Housing Task Force will tour the province in June 2018, stopping in 10 communities to engage British Columbians."

You can register for the Victoria session online at:

A poster and an online discussion forum are available at: