Call 911 - for concern for personal safety and for crimes in progress.

Your call will be answered by a 911 operator who will direct your call to police, fire or ambulance. It is very important to state your emergency clearly and to verify the location from which you are calling.

For Non-Emergency call 250-995-7654 - for events not in progress. (weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Be advised the Victoria Police Department will NOT respond to reports of crime or calls for service via email or by fax. 

Online Crime Reporting Service

Good when not requiring a police officer to attend such as a wallet stolen out of car.  As well as for returning stolen items, the police would like to have this information as the police department is a statistics driven organization - they allocate funds accordingly. 

Victoria Police Department App

The mobile VicPD app connects all VicPD channels into one application, including notifications when a child goes missing in Victoria or Esquimalt, reporting a crime where the suspect is unknown and the loss is less than $5000 and to stay connected with all VicPD’s social media notifications - Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest & Soundcloud.

Victoria Police Department

Victoria Police Department - Facebook Page

Victoria Police Department - Use Of 911

Report A Crime Or Traffic Complaint Online

Victoria Crime Reports

Block Watch - Victoria Police Department

Saanich Police

Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers - 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) for anonymous reporting.

Victoria Fire Department

Fire Department - District Of Saanich

Bylaw Services - City Of Victoria


The BC Drug & Poison Information Centre

 1-800-567-8911 - or call 911

SafeWalk Phone Number

Call 250.686.3715 to arrange for a security guard to meet you at a specific City parkade and accompany you to your vehicle. You can also request this service of a security guard in person at any City parkade. Learn more.

Animal Emergency

Hillside Veterinary Hospital

250-598-4477  --  1700 Kings Road - open 7 days week

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital

250-475-2495  -- 760 Roderick Street   open 24/7

Major Emergencies Or Disaster

Get Connected

Emergency Preparedness

Everyday Readiness

Earthquake Readiness

Tsunami Readiness

Vulnerable Communities

Business Continuity

Neighbourhood Preparedness

Workshops & Events


City Of Victoria Emergency Plan - July 2018 - PDF

Vic Alert

Vic-Alert is a notification service to inform residents, businesses, those who work or play downtown, and visitors in the event of major emergencies or disasters that may impact them such as severe weather, power outages, tsunami, missing children or vulnerable population, and local incidents that affect specific areas of Victoria. 

Sign up here.

Flooding & Plugged Storm Drains

Emergency Contact Information

Flooding & Plugged Storm Drains

Call 250-361-0400 at any time to report instances of flooding and to get assistance and information regarding plugged storm drains.

Stormwater Inquiries:  250-361-0443

After Hours Emergencies:

(Except Police & Fire): 250-361-0400