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Development Proposals

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Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

Development Tracker - Listings (search by North Jubilee Neighbourhood)

CALUC - Community Association Land Use Committees - Victoria

Terms Of Reference - CALUC

Procedures For Processing Applications - CALUC

Role Of Developer, Council & Staff - CALUC

Best Practices For BC - Victoria Residential Builders Association - CALUC

 1900 Richmond Road - Development Proposal



Amica Mature Lifestyles - Maison Victoria - 1900 Richmond Road, Victoria BC

Milliken Developments  --- Norr Architects Engineers Planners

See the project plans here: Proposed Site Context Perspectives

Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

1708 Coronation Avenue - Development Proposal


1708 Coronation Avenue - Development Tracker - City Of Victoria ??? nothing there - still happening

1903, 1909, 1911 Birch Street - 1761, 1769 Pembroke Street - 2002, 2008 Richmond Road - Development Proposal


Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

1770, 1774, 1780 Denman Street - Development Proposal


Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

2424 Richmond Road - Development Proposal 



Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

Turner Building - Development Proposal




Architectural Plans - (click for PDF)

Turner Building Remake Aims To Keep Round Look - March 2014

Iconic Turner Building To Be Retained As Part Of Office And Residential Development - February 2016

Development Tracker - City Of Victoria

Memory Lane - Turner's Confectionery & News and Ian's Jubilee Coffee Shop - 1959-1974.  

MORE IMAGES - Photographic Essays by Toad Hollow Photography:

A City Landmark Lies Forlorn - October 2012

Ian's Coffee Shop - October 2013

The Turner Building - A Second Life - February 2014

BC Hydro Lands - Intention To Sell

Keep Kings Park Green - Save The BC Hydro Green Space On Bowker Creek - The Largest Remaining Natural Green Space In South Saanich


from "Save King's Park" Facebook Page - May 16, 2018:

"BC Hydro will sell the Kings Park green space on Bowker Creek"

"BC Hydro owns a property at 1843 Kings Road (near Kings and Richmond).  This area was originally farmland, but since its purchase, BC Hydro has held this property with the intention of developing power infrastructure for the district.  As the region became enter, BC Hydro realized that the community would not support the installation of a power relay station.  In the early 2000's, the property was dug up, and a trunk sewer main was installed to facilitate drainage of the city.  In the early 2010's an ambulance station was proposed for the land, but the community rejected the proposal.

Now, BC Hydro has evicted the remaining tenants from the property and has voiced its intention to sell this greenspace.

When BC Hydro liquidates its land, various levels of government have the first opportunity to purchase their asset, before the property is put up for general tender and real estate development.

Presently, we are in talks with Saanich and have voiced our concerns to Oak Bay, Victoria and the CRD.  We have requested that Saanich place this parcel of land on the 'parks acquisition list.'  We have canvassed the neighbourhood for support, spoken with hundreds of community members and have recruited both the Bowker Creek Association and the local Camosun Community Association to our cause.

The Greenspace is a distinctive, natural escape in our community.  While the surrounding area becomes increasingly congested, this sizeable park-like setting provides a remarkably quiet and peaceful reprieve for community members, plants and animals alike.  The Greenspace includes mature fir, oak, unusual fruit trees and rare yew trees.  The green area also provides a home to owls, hawks and dozens of diverse bird species.

Bowker Creek runs through the property, and hundreds of local community members ue it to run their dogs, walk along various trails, play soccer, baseball and a host of other games in the field area.  Children swing on several swings and play daily amongst the trees.  Jubilee hospital employees, patients and family members walk along trails daily, as the property connects to the hospital via a path beside Bowker Creek.

The property is also the largest remaining Greenspace of its kind on the Southern peninsula.  This place dramatically enhances our community's livability, health and environmental sustainability and is an integral part of the health and well-being of our community.

Our vision is to turn this into a community park, where community agriculture can also thrive.


On The Island CBC Radio Interview with Rebecca Sterritt and Adam Kreek

Group Pushing To Preserve Saanich Hydro Land As Park - Neighbours petitioning to buy surplus land on Kings Road 

article by Travis Paterson - Jul. 20, 2018 6:00 a.m.

(via Vic News)

Read the full article here.


Kings & Richmond Townhouse - Saanich Development Approved