Tree Removals in North Jubilee - Summer 2018 - City of Victoria, Parks Dept.

There are 4 trees in North Jubilee Neighbourhood that have been identified for removal. The specific trees, their conditions and their locations are as follows:

Address:            Species:                        Diameter:       Condition:

1930 Fern St -  Laburnum x watereri  -  55cm DBH -  Large decay columns in  the trunk.

1830 Fern St  - Acer macrophyllum  - 89cm DBH  - Significant internal decay at the base of the tree and throughout the trunk.  

2311 Lee Ave - Acer rubrum - 34cm DBH - Severe canopy decline and an overall loss in vigor.  

2611 Shelbourne St - Quercus garryana - 112cm DBH - Decay throughout the trunk  and buttress roots with an overall loss in vigor.

These tree removals will take place between July 19th and August 31st.  New trees will be selected and plantings will begin in the fall of 2019.

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