Recycling News - South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association

Monthly Neighbourhood Recycling News

South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association operates a monthly recycling depot for assorted plastics and other materials not collected by the city, or for apartment dwellers who do not have curbside recycling.

Our depot is available for materials on the 2nd Saturday of every month - 10am – noon

Location - The Bank Street Art School, at the corner of Leighton & Bank Streets.

Our team of monthly recycling volunteers thanks you all for bringing your materials to our drop-off depot. We recently asked the company what happens to the material we collect, and how are we doing with the sorting. Here’s what Jason Adams, manager of reFUSE Resource Recovery said in his letter:

“Being part of Emterra Environmental, we have some of the best end-markets available, both domestically, and internationally.
For plastics, we benefit from a close partnership with Merlin Plastics. They accept all of our plastics. They wash them, grind them, and reform them into pellets that are marketed back to manufacturers that use them in the plastic extrusion processes. It’s a closed loop system. I can pass on praise to you that your customers, and volunteer sorters do an excellent job of preparing the materials to maintain their resource value.”

We wish to remind you of the following: 

  • SJNA pays for this material to be taken away, please remember to bring a donation to cover costs.

  • Please bring clean material only. 

  • Please drop off your materials only during our regular hours, 10am-noon, 2nd Saturday of every month

  • Bags left by our SJNA trailer outside of our normal hours attract rats and crows that make a mess.

  • We always welcome new volunteers! It’s fun and helps the planet.

  • For complete list of what we accept, go to