Keep The Water Flowing ! Help Reduce Flooding Risks This Storm Season

VICTORIA, BC — This is the time of year where periods of heavy rainfall and falling leaves create the highest risk of pooling water and localized flooding, alongside risks from high winds and power outages. 

Here's what you need to know and do to minimize risks during this period of stormy weather:

Help reduce the risks of flooding:

The City maintains the storm water system to safely transport rainwater to the ocean. The City and community are working hard daily to clear leaves and debris from storm drains to help reduce the flooding risks imposed by increasing rainfall.  Everyone has an important role to play in reducing flooding risks during storms:

  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean and free from debris to allow water to flow freely

  • Help clear storm drain grates from leaves and debris to prevent clogging, pooling and roadside flooding. Locate the storm drain grate(s) on your street and ensure they are kept clear to reduce flood risks on your street.

  • Avoid piling fallen leaves or yard waste in a location where they could wash into city drains

  • Property owners, landscaping companies, property maintenance companies and business owners should avoid blowing or raking leaves into the street, which could ultimately block a storm drain grate, and cause flooding

  • If a storm drain grate appears to be blocked by leaves or debris, try to safely clear a path for the water to flow

  • If the drain cannot be cleared safely, or if the cause of the blockage or flooding is uncertain, please call our Public Works department at (250) 361-0400

Help reduce risks from high winds:

  • Residents, businesses, and contractors should secure materials on their properties to ensure they do not become airborne and cause damage (examples: garbage cans/lids, patio furniture, awnings and canopies, ladders, hoarding, building materials, banners, etc.)

  • Residents are encouraged to check and trim dead or damaged tree branches to reduce the danger of these falling onto homes and vehicles during a storm

Responding to power outages:

During wet, windier months, there is a likelihood of power outages due to fallen trees or high winds. Residents should be prepared and have flashlights, blankets, a portable radio and spare batteries on hand in case of a power outage, and should avoid parking vehicles under trees or hydro wires, where appropriate/possible.

For information on what to include in an emergency kit visit: and for more information on how to prevent flooding visit:  

For More Information

Bill Eisenhauer
Head of Engagement
Cellular: 250.858.1061