Leaf Collection - North Jubilee Deadlines

November 18 - 1st. Deadline

December 16 - 2nd. Deadline

Victoria residents have 3 options for leaf collection: 

1.  Scheduled Neighbourhood Collection

  • Place your leaves on the boulevard in loose piles, secured by chicken wire mesh rings, or in tied, clear, certified* compostable bags

  • There is no limit to the number of bags or piles you can set out

  • Crews will start leaf pick-up in your zone on your deadline day

  • It takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete a zone

  • City trucks will make one pass down a street following each deadline

2. Bagged Leaves "Call for Pick-up" Service: October 15 - December 31

  • Call 250.361.0600 or email for pick up from October 15 to December 31, 2018 for service within five business days

  • There is no additional charge for this service. Victoria residents must provide their first and last name, street address, phone number & the number of bags for pick up

  • Leaves must be bagged in clear, certified* compostable bags

  • Bags must contain leaves only, no other garden waste accepted

    • Look for compatible bags marked ASTM #D6400 or EN13432.

3. Drop off bagged leaves: Two locations

  • Public Works Yard, 417 Garbally Road; Saturdays from 7 a.m.– 2 p.m.

  • NEW 2018: drop off at Parks Yard, 100 Cook Street. Sundays From Oct 28 – Dec 23 between 12 p.m.– 3 p.m.  Bagged leaves only, no garden waste accepted at this location.

Quick Tips to Prepare for Leaf Pick-Up

  • To prevent flooding, keep gutters, streets, sidewalks and storm drains clear of leaves

  • Please do not rake or blow leaves onto the sidewalk, or into the gutter or street

  • Do not place leaves in other plastic bags, boxes or containers

  • Set out leaves only please

  • Ensure leaf piles and bags are placed on the boulevard, and are visible and accessible from the street

  • Avoid placing leaf piles on or against trees, power poles, signs and fire hydrants

  • For properties without a boulevard, please place your leaf piles inside your property line, and ensure they are accessible from your driveway

  • Please follow the ‘No Parking’ signs placed out ahead of the crews

Help Prevent Flooding

  • Please keep gutters, streets, sidewalks and storm drain grates clear of leaves

  • Placing leaves in clear, 100% compostable bags prevents them from blowing into the street

  • Adopt a Storm Drain Grate: To prevent flooding, please help us keep storm drain grates clear. Sweep   leaves and tree needles away from grates to allow rainwater to enter freely, and avoid water backups on streets and into properties. To report a blocked grate, please call our 24-hour line at 250.361.0400.

Where to Purchase Compostable Bags

Placing leaves in clear, certified compostable bags or chicken wire mesh rings helps prevent flooding by keeping gutters, streets, sidewalks and storm drain grates clear of leaves.

Where to buy bags:

  • The City sells large, clear, certified compostable bags at City Hall and Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre

  • A 10-pack costs $12.50 plus tax. Bags can also be purchased at local retailers

  • Look for compostable bags marked ASTM #D6400 or EN13432

  • Bags should be no larger than 107cm x 127cm

  • Protect your grass by bagging your leaves and placing them out approximately one week before scheduled collection, or use “Call for Pick-up” service